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March 6, 2016
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March 6, 2016

Print version of Night Out Magazine


Night Out Magazine is an interactive publication for the young adult, socially active Latino community in the New York City. It includes information about live music events and entertainment. The magazine utilizes web technologies, particularly responsive layouts to respond to the ever-growing number of screen resolutions of devices on the market. Night Out explores navigation for mobile technologies using multimedia components, such as the use of audio, video and web animation alongside its featured articles. The aim is to reach a large audience at a low cost of distribution and explore the possibilities that new publishing technologies have to offer. This print edition of the magazine included interviews with bands such as Marcela Alcala and The Latin Funk band, CAPITAL, and Fotograms provided an insight into the local music scene. An article about Latino cuisine, with chief Sam Gonzalez’s exhibited Latino food culture. Conversations with Latino filmmakers such as Dan Enrique were helpful to display local and upcoming film talent. The photography in the publications was a combination of my own photography and from concert venue photographers with whom I have worked in the past, as well as Creative Commons and images provided by the bands and artists.


Personal project


Augusy, 2014


Branding, Editorial Design, Graphic Design